first real post

here goes.

i’m beginning to realize how semi-awkward it is to write a blog post. so, for my first post, i’m going to do something simple, succinct. it is what it is and you can’t judge my wit, humor or intelligence from it. hope that’s okay with you.

since college i have dreamt of having a color palette reference box that i could pull from to use on projects and paintings. i also, LOVE(D), photography. i’m not saying i made this idea up, i imagine lots of people make color palettes from photographs. i just think it’s a great idea, so i’m going to do it. once a week (or so) i’ll be posting a photograph with a corresponding color palette. hopefully the palettes will be helpful for you or me to reference in the future for projects we’re working on.

this is a color palette reference. it is also a succulent forest. and a pretty decent spectrum of my favorite colors.


thanks for coming by. hope to see you again.


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