color palette #2


Yesterday was just one of those days. It’s my day off and the sun comes up and my alarm goes off and yet, I lie there. There’s just something about the way the crisp sheets feel on my bare feet and the way the breeze slips in slightly through the cracked window just enough to cuddle further into the nest of down feathers. Then, there’s the color show. Our little apartment lies halfway below ground so our windows are just above ground level. The grassy front yard rises in elevation so it looks like all there is outside our window is a grassy field. Magical, right? Well, it gets better. On mornings like yesterday where I find myself enjoying my morning in bed a little bit longer than usual, the sun creates a beautiful color show on my blinds. It’s simple science. The sun reflects off of and through the environment outside the windows. They aren’t bright, exciting colors; they’re subdued shades of green, blue, tan and creme. If that’s not enough, after I wake up again for the third time, the colors have shifted to a more interesting combination and sequence. Honestly, it’s wonderful. You’re wondering why I went into such detail describing my blinds. Everyday we see colors that cause us to feel, act and think a certain way; this is just one of those experiences. A beautiful one, at that.

Hope you have the most beautiful, relaxing and colorful day!

See you later.


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