{note: this post discusses more about my life than design. welcome to my world.}

I am not athletic. My husband works at REI. Herein lies the dilemma. Don’t get me wrong I love a good, fun game of softball or basketball. I try climbing with Bailey every once in awhile. I used to like to jog until both my knees decided I am in my mid-50’s instead of mid-20’s. Swimming is nice but can get boring. Gyms stress me out. So. Exercising is not as easy for me. I just don’t get über thrilled to run 10 miles or hop on that terrifying elliptical for an hour, ie. the problem. I work at a delicious restaurant Jackson’s Corner and don’t exercise very often. Something MUST be done. So, my husband Bailey attempts at all times to find something for me to do, outside, that is fun and requires exercise and effort.

Okay, okay. Enough backstory, what’s the point? The point is that all roads lead to cycling. (No pun intended.) I can get into cycling. Less stress on my body, you actually go places (quickly), it can be done together and (last and definitely least important) riding bikes is cool again. So. I’m into it. Hook, line and sinker. Here’s the thing, it can be super expensive or dirt cheap depending on your experience or comfort-seeking tush. I find myself in the middle. I have a decent road-bike (who is a speedy little lady), gel-padded shorts and a helmet. No jersey with livestrong plastered all over it or real cycling shoes. Just a normal lookin gal riding around for some easy and fun exercise. Until got an iphone. There’s a handy app called map my ride that details the ride to a T including calories burned and other equally cool stuff. Then Bailey came home with a waterproof holder for my new iphone so it can sit right in front of me on my bars in case I need to know where to go next or how many miles I have ridden thus far, etc.

Problem #1: my water bottle that matched my bike (coincidentally my favorite color) fell out because it was too big and broke.
Problem #2: what if I get a flat tire on a 20mi ride out in the middle of nowhere alone?
Problem #3: where do I put my chapstick, keys and extra bike tube?

Don’t worry, there’s something to solve all those problems. REI + wife discount.

I think I’ve got the bug. It’s not too serious yet.

Here are my recent purchases and also, my little beauty of a bike. She’s a ferocious beast and don’t try and tell her otherwise.



All in all, I love design. I buy things that are designed well. I need to exercise more. Exercise can be fun, especially if exercise and it’s accessories are well-designed.

And there you have it. Design and exercise. I’ll keep you posted on my future purchases, if I get a jersey I give you permission to call me bad names.

Thanks for your time. Hope you get outside and do something fun today Me? I’ll be riding my bike. Adios.


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