my ideal backpack/satchel/briefcase

Hello everyone.

The past couple weeks have been hectic. Mom visited Bend, two wedding invitation projects (that I am SO SO SO excited to show you) and, oh yeah, my other full-time restaurant job. So, that is why I haven’t posted in such a long time and because most of the things I want to post are time sensitive and I can’t show you yet, (i.e. invitations).

The other night I was lying there (you know, in bed) trying to fall asleep after having too much caffeine, I know… I was thinking about taking my laptop places and how it looks so student-ish to have a backpack (no offense) and briefcases are, so, stiff and usually not easy to carry around on a bike or long-distance walks, etc. It’s also quite an ordeal having to switch from purse-to-backpack, so I usually carry both, which totally sucks and looks ridiculous (think pack-mule). I began to design, in my head, the most perfect backpack/satchel/briefcase for designers, but mostly personalized for myself. I drew it up today to give y’all an idea of what it would look like. Also, if you see one out there that has similar features please let me know. If you are a product designer and have hook-ups, I’ll sell you the plans for a million dollars.

That’s all for now, but be assured you will be feasting your eyes on some quite delectable wedding invitations in the next couple weeks.

Thanks for your time, hope you enjoy my illustration, sorry it doesn’t exist (yet).



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