Design is…

I’ve been doing some design research, looking for inspirational design blogs, designers and great firms to follow and learn from. I found this great informative/instructive guide/webpage inspired by one of my favorite designers that explains how design is more than a logo, website or chair. It’s interactive, simple and very smart.

Since working in the restaurant business I have learned quite a bit about meeting people where they’re at. When someone asks me why adding chicken to a salad is $4.50, why we don’t have fresh tomatoes all year or why we don’t do pizza-by-the-slice, I can’t just say something like, “Well, silly, we provide really good food here, and if it was cheaper chicken or if it sat under a heat-lamp for hours, it would become yucky or have GMOs and random hormones we shouldn’t be eating.” I have to [patiently and cautiously] teach them about our food and how exciting it is for us to provide this quality for such a [surprisingly] low price. There’s nothing wrong with their question; and though at first one might be offended or shocked at such questions, you’ve gotta pull through and understand that some people just don’t know. And that’s not their fault. In the restaurant industry there is no margin for error. People are very personal about their food; they want it quick, cheap and tasty.

Same goes for design; quick, cheap and tasty. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how good design works and that if they want something original, personally crafted and effective, it’s going to cost a couple pretty pennies. Especially in the case of businesses who are just starting up. Most new business owners have spent most of their money on their actual, physical business leaving marketing, branding and websites an afterthought they should probably get if it fits in the budget. This website does a great job of laying it all out on the table in a clean, simple, entertaining manner. Bravo guys. Education/educating others is, as always, one of the most important aspects of our lives, yet mostly undervalued.

I designed business cards for our manager and chef awhile back and they’re getting printed this week! Really excited for them and where the restaurant is going. I also have a couple more business cards and fun projects I will be working on the next few weeks, stay tuned.

Also, I made a pizza at Jackson’s today. I’m pretty proud of it. So here’s a picture. Sure was beautiful, too bad I couldn’t eat it. (Lactose-intolerence… kill me.)


One thought on “Design is…

  1. It seems to me you’re learning something about “UX” – the hot topic for designers these days… because we are, after all, good at thinking of ways to make things work better. Or, how to be nice while educating people who “don’t care” … at least at first …

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