Swiss Water Decaf.

Many of you might have been to a coffee shop where the decaf coffee option is titled “Swiss Water Decaf”. If you’re like some of my customers at Jackson’s Corner, you wonder why in the world it has the word ‘water’ and wonder whether or not Swiss h20 is really that much better than good ol’ Amurican h20. I have some answers for you, a really amazing brand and a killer ad campaign.

In order for coffee to lack that extra kick of caffeine it needs to be decaffeinated. There are some different ways that can happen. One, specifically, uses chemicals. Another, uses water instead. Here’s a graphic from the Swiss Water website. (If you’re a science genius, check this out.)

Basically, the water (from Canada actually) washes over the green beans (pre-roasting) and the caffeine in the water is filtered out. The green beans are then sent to roasters who roast them up and send them to coffee shops where they brew it up. There you have it. It’s regular old coffee with all the caffeine delicately washed away, with water, from Canada.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s take a look at that logo:

Thorough, two-color and clean lines. The website throws the logo for a loop. Dark, huge photographs, textured background, busy with links everywhere and a whole bunch of different font faces. But, it works. The brand survives through the typography and the clean lines prevalent throughout the design elements.

Now that we have covered their brand and website, lets take a look at their recent ad campaign (which was coincidentally developed by TBD, a dreamy advertising and branding agency in Bend, OR).


You might be thinking, WHAT?!?!?! I felt like I was thrown into some dreamlike alternative reality.  I think that’s the point. Their target audience, made up of coffee roasters, baristas and third-wave coffee aficionados, are attracted to weird things. Have you ever been to the USBC? Well, me either, but I’ve heard plenty. (I am allowed to talk about coffee people like this because my husband is one of them. I’m an honorary member.) There’s a whole world of coffee that most people don’t even know about and the people involved are eclectic, indie, cool and imaginative. And so are the above ads. I love them. The colors, the misty quality, the animal cross-breeds and the hand drawn fonts are seriously incredible. The point is that good tasting decaf coffee is not a fantasy anymore. So, if you’re one of those people (like me) who can’t have caffeine after 11am… you can still enjoy that “rich, full-bodied cup” without the fear of never sleeping again. Not to mention, cheetalopes, hummingfish and zebracorns will be enjoying it alongside you. You’re in good company.



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