Jobs, horse racing & kitties.

Hello friends.

I have a couple exciting things to tell you. My husband, Bailey, is the new barista at Intelligentsia Pasadena! I’m extremely proud of him and really excited for this new chapter in his barista career. Also, I was hired at Pasadena Waldorf School to assist on some fun projects part-time. I will also continue designing part-time.

I have another week before starting work so I’m relaxing as much as possible. This last weekend my mom and I went to the Santa Anita race track to watch her friends’ horse race. She didn’t win, but she didn’t lose. Aside from the excitement of the races and the beautiful weather, the architecture of this track is incredible, not to mention my favorite color.

Also, I remember saying a little something about our neighbor cat Papa who spends most of his time on our porch. Morning snuggles, afternoon bathing and evening naps. Well, here he is. Most of the time he looks surprised, or expressionless. I think that’s why I like him. He’s just… Papa.

I’m sorry for this multi-subject post, but I just have a lot to cover… I was shopping at Trader Joes’ today and came across this little bag of buns. As a designer, I have a love hate relationship with Trader Joes’ design and packaging. I definitely do not think it’s necessary to package every single thing, but they do it so well most of the time. I’m not totally convinced on the color palette or the busyness of the whole package, but I absolutely love the hand lettering.

Lastly, for those of you who know about Pinterest, I have started to pin. Follow me.


2 thoughts on “Jobs, horse racing & kitties.

  1. Nice nice nice
    We should meet for coffee or libations now that you are here. Don’t you think? Waldorf school is just down the street from my expensive but really cool hairdresser who I’ve known longer than you’ve been alive! Yikes!!!

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