Color Palette #3

Fall is finally here.

From what I gather, everyone loves fall. The relief from heat, pumpkin-flavored-everything, the promise and excitement of a new school year and the beautiful colors. Personally, I don’t jump for jewel tones when designing. I prefer subdued, natural color palettes or extremely loud, bright colors. But, come fall, the colors on the leaves, the colors of scarves and chunky sweaters, the colors of fresh vegetables from the garden all proclaim these jewel tones. Thus, the inspiration for this next color palette. You may be concerned that I don’t know what a real fall looks like since I live in Southern California. Fall happens here. It may not be as cold or dreary as your fall, but it’s beautiful and I prefer it to snow on Halloween. I took a few photos of leaves from my walk home yesterday and overlaid them to bring out the vivid colors.



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