Branding : NKLA

{In this world of staying above water (being an adult, paying bills, marriage), I have found that I need to get up earlier to write posts, like an hour earlier. That being said, I am currently sustained with two cups of coffee and my baked breakfast experiment has a couple more minutes on the timer.}

NKLA is “a coalition of animal welfare organizations, city shelters and passionate individuals” in Los Angeles whose goal is to diminish the amount of euthanized treatable and lovable abandoned or stray animals in Los Angeles County. The group provides shocking numbers of last year’s deaths totaling 17,000 “beautiful, healthy or treatable shelter pets.” Their response, “That number should be zero. And it can be.”

I first saw their posters at bus stops; an interesting place to see a beautiful photograph of a sad, lonely and abandoned animal. Bus stops hold different meanings for different people, but most commonly, they are places of waiting. People wait for their bus daily. People without the luxury of going to and from their destinations whenever they want. Just like the animals, waiting to be taken to another place. In some cases, waiting to be killed.

Okay, let’s move on to what they look like. There is a something to be said about heart-wrenching photographs of adorable animals. It feels like one is being tricked into loving this animal because the photograph is just so cute. These photographs of shelter pets are something more, different. These photographs portray distinguished, serious animals who live an experienced life of survival. The photographs remind me of something out of Time Magazine honestly, reminiscent of the detailed black and white photos of Peter Hapak, Sebastian Kim or Marco Grob. Okay, okay, let’s just look at the pictures now. (All photos borrowed from NKLA’s Facebook page.) I haven’t been able to find out who the photographer is, might even be one of the aforementioned.

Go adopt! Go donate! Go volunteer! Go save some lives people!






{FYI. Breakfast bake turned out great.}


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