happy holidays

hello to all you lovely readers.

I feel so lucky to be back in California, near my family and old friends. I have been visiting my mom in Palm Desert and my best friend in San Diego every other weekend it seems like, and am so grateful for them being within close proximity. Don’t get me wrong, I actually miss Bend terribly. I miss Jackson’s Corner, I miss Backporch Coffee, I miss the Deschutes, I miss Boneyard and I even miss the snow a little bit.

This Christmas I was able to spend loads of time with my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. It was the most fun I’ve had in awhile. There’s something so warm and comfy about spending the holidays with family that just doesn’t happen anywhere else; especially if there is a goat and horse involved. I love my crazy family.


This year, because of moving to California, our budget has tightened quite a bit and buying gifts was not a possibility. (Also, contributing to consumerism is not up our socially-conscious-alley.) Therefore, I created gifts. Here are a few.

For papa:


For my aunt & uncle:

christmas 2

For my grandma:


I haven’t painted in years actually, so it was fun to break out my brushes and make art again within a typographic framework. I think I’ll try and make a habit out of it. Maybe even a job out of it. We’ll see.

Thank you for reading my blog, as always, and I hope you are able to rest and enjoy the holiday love. (If you need a little help in the holiday love department, I suggest you watch Love Actually. It will all start to make sense; despite the silly acting and mostly-terrible ’90s wardrobe.)

Have a Happy New Year!!!!!


One thought on “happy holidays

  1. Uncle Hey and I thank you for our gift. We have already hung it up in a very prominent place that we see and pass at least 80 percent of the time in a room we are in very often. Therefore, we will think of you each time we see your pretty picture with its perfect sentiment. You are very talented. We also enjoyed seeing you and Bailey. We are glad you are both closer. Happy and Healthy New Year. Love, Diane and Uncle Hey.

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