color palette #4

I work at a school, so, I actually get a winter break from work. Sort of. Most of it has been spent sleeping in till 9am, slumming around the house make-up less, in pajamas with a mop of hair on top of my head in a bun. I can’t say I have done anything productive so far. It’s been a whole week and, aside from visiting family, I don’t know if I have done anything. I did some crafty painting projects and a DIY mason jar lamp project. I just feel like rest seems wasteful right now; like all my seconds should be spent doing. I’m sure you’ve felt this way and then, when you confide in someone they tell you to “just enjoy the nothing.” I. Just. Can’t. What happens when you enjoy it too much? Are they going to come ’round and ask you “step it up a little, get to work, lazy?” It’s a fine line, that’s all I’m sayin’.

Today. Today I did some cooking, coffee drinking, reading, cleaning and list-writing. Usually list-writing motivates me and encourages me to do. Today, I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything other than sit on (sink into) our orange, brown and creme-colored chevron-patterned ’70s couch(that we are replacing in a couple days) and read/stare at the rainy window panes; cuddled underneath an equally crazy-colored chevron-patterned afghan. Coincidentally, our couch and adjacent afghan look extremely interesting and quite beautiful in rainy-day lighting, so I photographed them. Which means… I made a color palette! (Doing.)

So, I hope you can get on out there and enjoy the rainy weather and do something with the precious, little seconds you have to spare. But also, enjoy rest in whatever way it makes sense to you. It’s important.



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