a new year.


Happy new year! This year will be exciting. I can feel it. Whether it’s career related, family related or life related; I just know it’s gonna be good.

Before I get into a bunch of stuff about me, me, me, I’d like to show you some things I’ve been thinking about recently.

I have been thinking more about digital publishing, self-publishing and the whole digital market compared to the physical market. There are quite a few things that fit within this framework: books, magazines, websites, music, etc. The point is that everything is becoming digitized, and another point is that people like it. The question is, where does someone like me (hand-written, illustrated, painting, PHYS-I-CAL objects, print design) fit. It used to be a great fear of mine, but now I am excited about figuring it out. I came across this website (blurb.com) while looking for a place to print a photobook. They print your books, but you can also sell them on their website. I think there will be a high demand for digital book designers these days, maybe even interactive digital book designers.

I found this one publication that I really enjoyed and thought you might too. It’s called Refueled (<— this is their Blurb account) and this is their website. They seem like a bunch of twenty-to-thirty somethings re-discovering young America and what and who makes it tick these days. They seem to focus on the “way” and not so much the destination. It’s pretty, too. You can preview their magazines on blurb and read more about them on their website. I will definitely be following them and their discoveries. Here are some samples of their most recent issue.

Screen shot 2012-12-27 at 10.34.31 PM

Screen shot 2012-12-27 at 10.33.27 PM

In other news, I have a few hopes & goals for the new year. (I’m not usually into this type of thing. You can make goals or resolutions for yourself whenever you want. But, in the spirit of the New Year and our new life in California, I’m doin’ it. So there.)

2013 :: hopes & goals

Acquire a Wacom Digital Drawing Tablet.
Subsequently, take my illustration & calligraphy to the next level, duh.
Work full-time (or more) doing some sort of creative work.
Paint more often.
Learn more about websites and digital publishing.
Go to the beach at least 20 times.
Run more.
Ride my bike more.
Make pretty photos.
Blog more…
Call family & friends more.
Read, a lot more.

happy. new. year.

Are you making any resolutions? Big decisions? New goals? I’d love to hear.


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