These ones didn’t make it…

Life can be interesting as a young professional.

Calling oneself a “young professional” is hilarious. (Go ahead, laugh a little.)

I just don’t know how serious to take myself. I know I am a good designer and I know I love designing. But, I also know I have a lot to learn and am extremely eager to learn it. All. Ergo, it can be interesting.

I’d like to give you a little insight into my current job situation. I am working at Pasadena Waldorf School, and I LOVE it. If I can afford it when my kids are old enough (that is, when I have kids…), I want them to get this kind of education. The campus is totally beautiful and the kids are amazing. It’s kind of like going to work in a small, hippie, forest, commune school. It’s amazing. So, I am a temp. I call my position “the doer”. I do things. Someone gives me a project to do and I do it. I am really hoping I can find a more permanent position there where I can use design and creativity, but for now, I do things.

Because of this position that lacks permanence and creative skills I am constantly searching for freelance design work. Moving to LA was supposed to make that easier and more exciting. Well, it’s still hard. Surprise, surprise. I was able to find some work, thankfully and I had a lot of fun with it. I really love it, unfortunately, the client didn’t. No big deal. I’m totally not offended (something you have to grow out of), sometimes it just won’t work. Since they aren’t going to use it, I’ll show you and add it to my list of things that, well, didn’t make it. 🙂

The project was a logo design for a run in San Jose, CA. Designing a logo for an event is a lot different than designing for a small business, so please forgive its ginormous size and amount of words. I gave them a few options, here they are.

RaceToTheEnd_logo_edit_v RaceToTheEnd_logo_edit-02 RaceToTheEnd_logo_edit-03

I’d love to hear your feedback. It’s much appreciated.



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