great grandma’s recipe books

Today is rainy and lazy.

Tomorrow it’s back to work surrounded by little kiddos, so I want to get as much resting in as I can. But I still have work to do, so it will have to be “restful work”.

I try to get inspired before I start actually working. Today, I found a huge bag of my Great Grandma Husby’s old recipe books. First of all, they’re mostly from the ’30s and ’40s and in great condition, which is definitely lucky. Secondly, the design is amazing. My inspiration searching turned into spending an hour looking at every page in every book. These are some of my favorites:








Aren’t they amazing? I especially love the layout of the martini & old fashioned pages from the Southern Comfort cocktail book, “How to make the 32 most popular drinks.” It has great hierarchy and typography mixed with photographs and textures. Pretty advanced for the time…

I’m not gonna lie though, the Jell-O book was one of the strangest. There were desserts, salads, relishes and… entrées. Yes, entrées. Which means there are savory flavors and meat involved. I’ll give you a little example of a recipe:


I think we can assume that my great grandma was quite the lush (or my great grandpa was, after all the woman’s job was to serve the men in those days) with as many cocktail recipe books as food recipe books. I can’t say that I know much about her Jell-O cooking history, but they were Norwegian, so that might have something to do with it. (Note: the recipe before the chicken mousse involves mayonnaise. That was apparently a common ingredient in the savory dishes. I. Just. Can’t.)

Back to work for me! Enjoy your Sunday.


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