revamp: old kitchen cart

One of the amazing things about our neighborhood is the way people get rid of old things; they put it on the curb. This is GREAT news if you are like me and like to make other people’s old items new and beautiful for you. We’ve acquired many things this way (including: a kiddie pool we are going to use to grow squash this summer, a three-tiered bamboo basket for storing fruits and our spice rack/bookshelf thing.)

Last weekend I found this little gem:


Cute right? It was in pretty bad shape; rusty, covered in kitty spray and spidey webs. Not to worry, I had a whole weekend and the perfect color in mind to fix this bad-boy right up. So I took it all apart and spray painted every last bit (except the nails and underside of the shelves-it took two cans!). And now it looks like this!


It courageously holds all our coffee, (some of our) coffee making equipment and all our kombucha bottling stuff.


I’m definitely excited about it. It brightens up an otherwise dark corner of our dining room.

Now for some other updates:

We’re working on our summer crops.


And yes, Papa is still our porch cat.


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