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I haven’t written a blog in a couple thousand years and I’m sorry. Here goes:

Awhile back I was browsing through a Crate and Barrel catalog that came to our house via divine/devilish intervention because we have never ordered anything from them. I usually just drool for awhile, tear out a few pages for thrifting inspiration and show Bailey all the cool stuff he can make when he has a professional wood-shop. This specific catalog had a full page (and by full page I mean 8×10″) poster with every beer category and variety imaginable. I think you could order the poster or something, but the page didn’t have any ordering information or any text on it, just the poster, all the way to the edge. I thought it was really cool looking and somewhat informative so I tore it out and put it in a dollar store black frame and put it on our bookshelf. I know… pretty cheap. I didn’t think much about it until Bailey took it off the shelf and we looked at all the names and it was SO detailed and well done. We went on a search to see if we could find where to order it from and we came upon this: (Warning: don’t click on this until you are fully prepared to buy something.) Pop Chart Lab. So, we found the poster we had the tiny version of: The Very Many Varieties of Beer. Then we found THIS one: The Very, Very Many Varieties of Beer, and we proceeded to die and go to snooty, craft beer heaven. Amazing, right? It doesn’t stop there… There’s this one: The Compendious Coffee Chart. And this: The Splendiferous Array of Culinary Tools. Not to mention this: The Cocktail Chart of Film & Literature. I want them all. I don’t know where I would put them. (Maybe one day I’ll have a corner office with a window and a couple empty walls.)

Let’s review:

People create those for their job… can you believe that? Get out there and make good design people.

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