Raised amongst the cacti and tumbleweeds, 115 degree summer days and hundreds of lemonade stands, Alexandria spent a lot of time creating. Determination came at an early age when perfection was the only option for drawing bedroom layouts for future arrangement options and (of course) horse portraits for her latest pauper-to-princess story. The stakes only rose when skateboarding, surfing and fashion magazines replaced princess stories and personal computers became a part of daily life. Growing into a graphic designer was the only option at that point.

And so I did.

I am a graphic designer, an illustrator, a wife, a friend, a creator and a thinker. I love cats, coffee, crispy kale, fresh baked bread and peanut butter. I ride my beauty-of-a-bike (Petunia) when I’m not driving my little white grandpa truck. I garden, paint, collect old things and cook.

This blog is my attempt at chronicling my adventures in designing and life, while also a simple way to display my portfolio.

When it comes to designing, I design anything. More recently, as you’ll see on the blog, I have been doing custom, hand-drawn, wedding invitations. I can also do serious design stuff that isn’t silly, cute and hand-drawn. I can be pretty serious. Just check out my portfolio.

Here’s my résumé if you’re interested in hiring me to work in your design studio (because that’s my real dream).

Contact me if you’d like me to design something for you, or even if you want to chat about design and life. I like both.